Sunday 20 November 2022

glibc 2.36 vs. CentOS 7: a tale of failure

My favourite part of coding is planning and implementing some cool idea for doing something, especially if it involves some fun maths I read up on Wikipedia a minute beforehand. In reality polishing dirty data, refactoring someone-else's bad code, reverse engineering the use of a module and trying to get stuff to work is what take up most of my time.

Having got cocky I thought I could get the latest GNU library for C (glibc) working on CentOS 7. I failed miserably, here is my sorry tale down the rabbit hole.

Friday 4 November 2022

In ML a module is not a namespace but a base class, because... ?

Deep learning is changing the world and fast. The list of achievements is impressive, however, why focus on the positive, when we can moan about the negative? In this blog post I will discuss three minor details that I find annoying about deep learning, namely the key word Module, the limited use of Google/Coral Edge TPUs and the coding quality of the field.