Thursday 7 April 2016

Research vs. glitchy data munging

I apologise, but I could not resist this rant...
I am a big advocate for big data —also it's my job—, however one trend I find disturbing is the frequency of attempts to make automated pipelines to predict how one could make a given compound: in a large amount of cases, doing some reading up is way more efficient. Not to mention, without bugs.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Going solo on a paper

This month my (first) solo paper comes out, which was a big deal as it is, well, my first solo paper.
The short communications describes the web app Mutanalyst: a good/amazing/best/super online tool to help calculate mutational bias spectra especially with poor sampling —in case you were wondering what does shameless Search Engine Optimisation look like, there goes an example. The topic is straightforward as it describes a web program I wrote with a twist, namely it calculate the standard errors, which are dismal when sampling is limited. The weird part is submitting a paper without backing, hence the account of my saga here.