Swapped university logo colour generator

Saturday 18 February 2023

Swapped university logo colour generator

Like many in academia I have moved across a few universities, each with their own colours, blue, gold, grey (I think) and even pine green (yes, like John Deer merch). Universities are quite possessive of their logos and have guidelines on their 'brand identity', which feels alien to academia as we are used to logos for tools being made in PowerPoint if they even have one. One thing that is frowned upon is changing the colours. But the fondness for ones former and present affiliations should not stand in the way. Luckily I have written a JS tool to help you swap the colours!

For the university name you can type (case insensitive) the placename and the suggestion would likely match, whereas alternative names may fail as it is a simple string match (for example 'Oxford University' won't work for 'University of Oxford').

Technical details

This blog post was originally intended for the Blopig blog (the OPIG's blog), but ended up here as I was not able to embed JS or a HTML frame. However I did write there the technical issues and strategies employed in the making of this tool, which, in my opinion, is more interesting that the tool itself. For more see The GitHub repository with the code and data.

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